Day of Direction

1_Stoney Springs Ranch Wedding

Settings Event Rentals knows how busy people become when planning a party, wedding or special day. That’s why we offer our Day of Direction services, so you can relax and enjoy the event stress free. The Day of Direction package includes things that help keep events running smoothly and eloquently.

From event planning and set-up services to quick fixes on day of an event, this package can be tailored to meet specific needs and locations. We give you practical advice and solid service. Our Day of Direction Package can either be a 1 or 2 person team depending on the amount of help and work that needs to be done.

Examples of our services within this package are:

  • Aid and planning prior to the event like advance meetings, phone calls, emails, recommendations, vendor relations and creation of event day schedule.
  • Assistance at event rehearsal or walk through activities.
  • On-site supervision and support on event day. Settings Event Rental will assist client as planned, supervise service professionals and coordinate the event during the day.
  • Special 10% discount for rental items offered by Settings Event Rental. Excludes specific re-rent items and photo booth.

This Day of Direction package is a must have. It’s simple, affordable and most of all makes your day more fun.

Give us a call for a Quote on your event! We have a few weekends available in 2013, and are starting to book 2014!


The trend of the missing spoon.


With the high of our bridal season about to start, we are often asked “Do I really need spoons?”

This question is typically with the need to save some money in the wedding budget. Brides will think about what they are serving and often times do not think they are necessary.

You may have not noticed it before now, but when you are out to eat the next time pay attention to the settings. Often time when the silverware is rolled there is not a spoon, even at some nice restaurants they have stopped setting them at the tables. This is in part for some cost saving measures, lack of spoon inventory, or problems rolling them into the napkins.

Think back at how many times you have been to a restaurant and went to reach for one and it was missing.

The missing spoon is not something new to me. Before my husband and I were married, I was setting the table at his parents’ house for brunch. Growing up we did not set all the silverware unless we needed it. This was before we had a dishwasher and with 6 people we avoided any extra hand washing we could. So I asked my future Mother-in-law if I should put out spoons. Her response was “Yes, just incase I want to stir my coffee.” The topic came up again last fall. We were in Boston talking about how many times we have people order dishware and just forks and knives from us. She talked about an article she had recently read and told us to start paying attention when we go out. So 2 nights later we were in the North End starting to enjoy appetizers and reached for the spoon to put marinara sauce on our plates and it was missing.

Think of your guest before you decide to leave the spoon out of your next event.

Water Knot

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Waterknot is a full line of letterpress-printed greeting cards featuring original art, design and writing by Josh Nusbaum. Each card is printed by hand on an antique letterpress. This centuries-old technique celebrates a time-honored and reemerging craft. Our cards are perfect for special as well as everyday occasions and are created to become treasured keepsakes. The process is a labor of love — you can see and feel it in every card.

Waterknot letterpress-printed greeting cards offer something for everyone: from guitar enthusiasts to nature lovers, romantics to gear heads, and a few for the kid in all of us. Printed on an antique letterpress these handmade keepsakes, crafted in a truly sustainable fashion, may be enjoyed for years to come. Waterknot cards reflect the best of traditional drawing techniques, old world craft and modern digital design technology. The letterpress embosses the design into the paper to create a beauty you can feel as well as see. The final product is a small work of art. Each card comes with a sturdy kraft envelope for easy delivery and is packaged and protected in a compostable and recyclable plant-based clear sleeve.

Stop by The Village Within next time you are in Downtown Salida to experience Letterpress cards by Waterknot.

142 West 4th Street
Salida, CO 81201



PS What is a Waterknot??
A Waterknot is used by climbers to tie two pieces of nylon webbing together. Its beauty lies in its strength and simplicity. It is practically fail-safe. The more force applied to pull it apart, the tighter it becomes.

The Village Within {Salida Stationery Store}


Our love for beautiful things led us to start our own stationery shop at The Village Within. Our shop includes: Letter pressed cards, gift bags, tissue, ribbon, gift wrap, glass water bottles, candles and more! We strive to keep bring unique and special things to Salida. Our inventory will be constantly changing so stop by to take a look next time you are in Downtown Historic Salida Colorado.

A few of our lines include: Sugar Paper, Waste Not Paper, Paper Source, Pinch Provisions, Ana Candle, May Designs, Life Factory, Caspari and soon to be more!

142 West 1st Street
Salida, CO 81201


Lauren & Brian’s Wedding {Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort}

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Lauren and Brian were so much fun to work with. We had several roles in their wedding. Chair Rental, Sound equipment, Lights, and Day of Direction.

Lauren was planning the wedding from Washington DC and decided to keep it simple, fun and have a GREAT band! The food at Mt. Princeton was Lasagna, caesar salad and garlic bread. It was delicious!

Michelle Gapp with Kalamatapit Katering did several different flavor cakes for the cake table.

Flowers by Jane with Rancho Verde Flowers.

The Band was Raising Cane out of Denver

River Orchard Place {Poncha Springs Colorado}

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A few months ago we met Emily and Max out at River Orchard Place to get the lay of the land there. Christopher had done a few small rental deliveries there and I had not been yet.

It was originally homestead in the 1800’s on 600 acres as hunting cabins. Some of their guest included Roy Rogers and Dwight Eisenhower.

River Orchard Place specialize in weddings and reunions, because of the gorgeous grounds. There are five cabins all with a mini refrigerator, microwave, and coffee pot. Perfect for your wedding party or family to stay at.

The grounds have a perfect spot to set up a 30 x 40 tent for an outdoor wedding. The area is surrounded by large cotton wood trees, and the South Arkansas River runs along the property. There is a small apple orchard on part of the property. If you are up for a small hike to the look out tower the views of the Collegiate Peaks are breath-taking.