Plank/Farm Tables & Mahagony Chairarvi Chairs


Settings Event Rental is striving to have unique rental inventory for the Chaffee County area. We will be adding plank or farm tables (which ever you prefer to call them). They will be about 6′ long. The width and other details will come once we have the design finished. They will be crafted in early spring. If you would like to use these for your event please reserve early to ensure we have enough in stock.

The tables will vary slightly from the photo. The vision is to be rustic but sleek.

Mahogany Chiavari chair

We cannot have beautiful wood tables without chairs to coordinate. We plan on adding Mahogany Chaiarvi chairs to our inventory. You will be able to reserve them with or without an ivory chair pad.


New Table Linens

Palomino_satin2-515x392 (1) Prissy_Pink_Satin-515x392 Red-White_Check-515x392

We are thrilled about all the new changes and growth that Settings will have in the next few years. We’ve added a few things to our linen collection this year. 

Champagne Lamour Tablecloths & Napkins
Prissy Pink Lamour Tablecloths, Runners/Ties & Napkins
Red & White Check Napkins

There will also be additional inventory in our white table linens. Especially the floor length 8′ tablecloths.