Symphonic Salida {Riverside Park}

Symphonic Salida Summer 2013 Symphonic Salida Riverside Park Salida Vino Salida Kalamatipit Catering

The Coloradao Symphony have a 3 year commitment to performing in Salida Colorado. The goal of the program is to teach people about the Symphony . It is a 4 part series where they bring a different section of the symphonic and teach the students in the local schools about the instruments. They also play for them and do a Q&A at the end.

While the sections of the Symphony are in town they also offer a concert for the public. The first 3 were at the Salida SteamPlant, and final was at Riverside park.

Settings provided the chairs for the event and helped set up.

If you missed it this year there are 2 more years. Tickets do sell fast!


Hippie Chicks vs Disco Divas {Ark Valley High Rollers}

What a great event!

Settings Photo Booth

Thank you for stopping by the photo booth last night at Hippie Chicks vs Disco Divas 1st home bout of the season!

Follow the link below to view all the photos. The password was given out at the event. If you didn’t get a card-email us at

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Bridal Shower Planning

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As we are about to approach our busy wedding season I began to think about the parts we are not normally involved with. This is mainly because my sister Wendy is engaged with a November 2nd wedding. Unfortunately she is in Nebraska and hundreds of miles away from me so I won’t get to help her with too much of the wedding planning (I even missed the dress shopping). Oh and did I mention the guest list is around 500 people. My inventory is not equipped for that large of a wedding.

One thing that I do get to be a part of the planning is her bridal shower. I started a check list and thought there has to be more bridal shower planners out there that need a little planning help. Happy Planning and remember to have fun that day and not stress. It always comes together.

Bridal Shower Check List

  • Pick a date & time
    • Saturday or Sunday afternoons work great. About 2+ months before the wedding.
    • Times 2-4ish works great. You don’t have to do a full meal and that helps the women with children at home.
    • Have the bride provide a guest list; excel works best so you can import it into word to print addresses right on the envelopes. (most brides already have an excel for started so it should be easy)
      • Invite close family and friends
      • Include the groomsmen’s wives/girlfriends
  • Do not invite anyone that is not invited to the wedding
  • Avoid inviting people out of state that cannot make it. Sometime it makes them feel they have to give a gift. This excludes grandmas, aunts and close relatives. They often get offended by not getting them.
  • Invitations
    • You can get great premade invitations and just print on them.
    • Or order from a stationary store.
    • Send out about 3-4 weeks before shower.
    • Have people RSVP so you know what to expect.
    • Have people do something memorable for the bride
      • Bring family recipes on recipe cards.
      • Give a note on how to have a successful marriage.
      • Come up with a list of questions and ask the bride and groom separately before the shower and then read both of their answers at the shower. You could even have the guest guess the answers before giving them out.
      • Theme
        • You can use the bride’s colors or do something totally different.
        • Mine was High Tea
        • My sister were doing Tiffany’s
        • Kentucky Derby tea
        • Pampered chef party where she gets the points to buy more if people purchase.
        • Room in the house or time of day—you give each person invited a different room or time that their gift’s theme must follow.
  • Pinterest is the place for GREAT ideas.
  • Games-
    • You can do some games, I’ve often found that people feel weird doing them and they like to catch up and meet the people there.
    • I suggest an icebreaker for everyone to meet. They will be seeing each other in a few months.
      • Like a bingo game and each person is on it and how they met the bride.  The first with 5 in a row get some kind of prize
      • Food & Drinks
        • Finger Food works great easy to grab and eat while talking to people
        • Drinks- wine and a fun cocktail. People always loosen up a bit with a drink.
      • Gifts are best to open towards the end.
        • Have someone keep track of who gave what gift. You can also use labels and put the right on the gifts with the giver’s name.
        • Have someone take all the bows & ribbons from the gifts and make a bouquet that will be used at her wedding rehearsal.
      • Ideas for guest favors (optional but a great surprise)
        • Small succulents in a pot
        • Small potted flower or plant
        • Canning jars with cookie mix.
        • Candy
        • Something that the bride loves.
      • Hostess gifts
        • It’s always nice when the bride give something to who the planners of the event are.

Laura C-Thank you for the idea of putting this together.

Love Stinks {Ark Valley High Rollers}

We hope to see you all at an Ark Valley High R oller Bout this year!
Settings Photo Booth is on the books to do 2 more so far.

Settings Photo Booth

Thank you Ark Valley High Rollers! We’ll see you again soon at another bouts.

1/2 of photo booth sales at the roller derby benefit the Ark Valley High Rollers. Have your photo taken next time to remember the event!

Follow the link to order more photos.

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Bridal Open House {April 13, 2013, Salida SteamPlant}

Heart of the Rockies Wedding Association Presents a Bridal Open House. April 13, 2013. Salida SteamPlant

Heart of the Rockies Wedding Association Presents a Bridal Open House. April 13, 2013. Salida SteamPlant

Come to the Heart of the Rockies Bridal Open House! Meet vendors in the Chaffee County area.

Settings Event Rental and Buena Vista Photo Booth will both be there. Make sure you stop by our booth and have your photo taken!

We’ve given 3 different gifts for the Give Away.

6 Long Stem Wine Glasses ($60 value)

50-Personalized Stationary Cards with matching Envelopes. (you choose the style $30 Value)

100-Personalized Cocktail Napkins or Guest Towels. (you choose the style $30 Value)

Impress Your Guest this Holiday Season


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